The world´s first fully

flexible display & exhibition system


Shine with a backlit display

Why choose between
a banner stand and a pop-up system...

...when you can have both!

Use as a basic display wall…

add more modules…

and build a complete exhibition stand.

  • Self-Build
  • Portable
  • Modular


ISOframe Exhibit

For large custom built and professionally installed exhibition stands

  • Custom-build
  • Professional


ISOframe Counters

A stylish range of portable and easy to assemble counter units

  • Portable
  • Quick and easy

ISOframe Fabric

The ultimate tension self-build fabric system.

  • Self-build
  • Economical


A modular system of large reception counters

  • Modular
  • Customized


Watch the world´s first fully flexible display & exhibition system


Stunning looks, infinite flexibility and extremely user-friendly - ISOframe Wave is the first fully flexible display & exhibition system.

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Easy tool-free assembly with the  unique, patented FASTclamp connector. No more allen key or nuts and bolts as used on other systems.


Flexi-Wave link

The patented Flexi-Wave Link enables you to instantly shape your display as desired.





3D design tool

ISOframe is extremely versatile to fulfil a large variety of different design needs and shapes. A special 3D-design software is available for our worldwide clients free of charge.

Printing templates

Download artwork templates and print info for our different ISOframe products. We strongly recommend using our templates when preparing your artwork.

User instructions

Download our latest step-by-step user instructions on how to assemble our different ISOframe products.

Image Bank

View our gallery of high-resolution pictures. Download for free and use in your sales & marketing activities for ISOframe.


Full service pack for ISOframe dealers and users

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Due to our policy of continued development we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.
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