A modular system
of large reception

The Mark Bric ISOframe program now includes a modular system of large reception counters (ISObar), which can be individually designed to fit any reception area or trade show stand. Choose one of our complete counter units – straight or curved - or customize your counter by combining different counter sections into a unique shape. All of our reception counters offer a stylish solution at a reasonable price, with no compromise on quality.

A curved 7-section standard counter unit.
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Fast and easy tool-free assembly
  • A wide array of different shapes
  • Enlarge or reduce to fit floor space
  • Choose a standard model or customize
  • Straight or curved
  • Wooden tops with perfect finish
  • Plenty of internal shelving
  • Optional back- and downlighting
  • Flat-packs easily into a car



A straight 3-section  counter unit.
Approx. size: 2,5m (w) x 0,5m (d)

ISObar – how it works

Choose a straight, curved or customized unit

Our 3-, 4- and 5- section standard counter units come as straight, curved (30°) or corner models (straight + 90°), each section/graphic panel being 800 mm wide. Extend or reduce with the number of sections you need. 12 curved sections (30 degree) make a full circle. All counters are delivered complete with framework, top shelves and 1 inner shelf/section.


All counters are 1,05 meter high

A curved 4-section  counter unit.
Approx. size: 2,7m (w) x 1,2m (d)
A 3-section corner counter unit. Approx. size: 1,35 m (w) x 1,35 m

Quick and easy mounting in a few steps

Attach the table top.

Assemble the first module using the FASTclamp tool-less connector.

Connect base of the next module and attach posts.

Attach the next table top.

Add shelves if required.

Attach graphics magnetically.

Repeat step 3 and 4 until the bar is the size you require.


Easy tool-free assembly with the  unique, patented FASTclamp connector. No more allen key or nuts and bolts as used on other systems.


Increase visibility of your graphic message with our decorative downlight LED-strips. Easily mounted (with tape) in a special light track under the table top.

Even more attractive with light

All ISOFrame products are produced and distributed worldwide
(excluding the UK) by Mark Bric Display AB

Mark Bric Display AB, Sweden   E-mail: display@markbric.se     Phone: +46 (0)33 480 460


Due to our policy of continued development we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.
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