Ideal for larger custom built and
professionally installed exhibition stands

If you want a custom built exhibition stand and need it to be strong, reusable and re-shapeable for multiple events, then ISOframe Exhibit is your perfect choice. The system is extremely versatile to fulfil a large variety of different design needs and shapes. Choose ISOframe Exhibit for the larger exhibit areas when a unique customised design and maximum impact is desired.

ISOframe Exhibit uses fixed horizontal beams (available in 9 different shapes), instead of the flexible ISOframe Wave link, to give the system the rigidity and stability needed for more advanced large size constructions (up to 4 meter / 13 ft. height). Beautiful curves or perfect straight lines can be achieved with any display and the hidden framework creates a contemporary “custom built” look. A full range of premium exhibit modules such as tables, shelving, media screens, storage rooms, doors etc. are available.


Fixed beams

ISOframe Exhibit
– how it works

ISOframe Exhibit
– assembly of stand

Use single or
         double sided

An Exhibit wall looks fantastic when clad with graphic panels on both sides. The unit is extremely slim (40 mm / 1.5”) and the aluminum corner trims further enhance the impression.


  • Large size (up to 4 metre height) custom-built stands
  • “No tools” assembly
  • Uses fixed horizontal beams instead of Wave links
  • Enlarge or reduce to suit the event
  • Reuse many times for better economy
  • Sold in component form
  • Graphic panels are standardised at 800 mm / 31.5" wide
  • Ideal to use with 2-3 mm semi-rigid foamboards
  • Hidden framework for maximum graphic effect
  • Easily attach tables, shelves, doors, media screens etc.
  • Extremely compact during transport
  • Perfect for space only events
  • Professionally installation recommended


Assembly is quick and easy with the unique patented FASTclamp connector. No hex keys or nuts and bolts required, the locks are built into the aluminium to make transportation and construction swift and painless. However, for the more advanced constructions professionally installation is still to be recommended.


Robust transport cases

ISOframe Exhibit is transported in component form (posts, beams etc.). We have alu/wood cases which are perfect for safe shipping to your next exhibition site.

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