The world's first fully flexible
portable display & exhibition system

Stunning looks, infinite flexibility and extremely user-friendly - ISOframe Wave is the first fully flexible display & exhibition system. Just flex the entire display wall into the shape you need at each venue, extend or reduce as required. All thanks to the unique and patented Flexi-Wave link which gives the system total flexibility and can be flexed 180 degrees in both directions. The aluminium framework is easily assembled and all hidden for maximum graphic effect. Easy to transport and tool-less assembly make ISOframe Wave the perfect portable self-build display & exhibition system.



3 x 3 m

(10' x 10')

3 x 4 m

(10' x 13')

2 x 6 m

(6.5' x 20')

3 x 6 m

(10' x 20')

3 x 8 m

(10' x 26.5')

4 X 6 m

(13' x 20')

4 X 8 m

(13' x 26.5')

Have a look in our ”Idea Book” for a full specification of the exhibition stands.

ISOframe Wave unique features

Magnetic hanger device

Auto-float graphics align if floor is not level

Graphics are standardised at 800 mm width

FASTclamp no tools assembly

Hidden wave link


Because Wave is based on our ISOframe concept it incorporates our patented FASTclamp connector. This is used to attach table modules, shelves, media screens, doors, base supports etc. quickly to the system, without tools – no more struggling with the nuts, bolts and allen keys used on other systems.

Choose from a wide range of display modules and build a complete exhibition stand

The system is ideal for the small and medium sized exhibit areas where total flexibility and simplicity is paramount.

See ISOframe Wave in action

Video 1

Video 2

Video 1

Video 2


  • Easy “no tools” assembly – ideal for selfbuild
  • Flex the entire display to create the shape you need
  • Enlarge or reduce to suit the event
  • Choose Midi 229 cm / 90.2" or Maxi 249 cm / 98" height.
  • All modules sold in kit form (Starters and Extensions)
  • Modules/graphic panels are standardised at 800 mm / 31.5" wide
  • Ideal to use with rollable graphic panels
  • i-line system for perfect graphic alignment if the floor is not level
  • Attach large media screens up to 36” (18kg)
  • Easily attach tables, shelves, doors, literature holders etc.
  • Extremely compact and portable - easily transportable by car
  • Perfect for shell schemes or space only events

Quick and easy tool-less assembly

Shape your display as desired

Alternative layouts using the same graphics and framework

Add Oval posts and Graphic wings

For maximum stability at the ends add our attractive oval posts or the 200/400 mm wide graphic wings to the Wave system. An ideal place for the literature holders.

Compact and portable

ISOframe Wave is extremely portable and easily transported by car - ideal for the self-build exhibitor.


Easy tool-free assembly with the  unique, patented FASTclamp connector. No more allen key or nuts and bolts as used on other systems.


All ISOFrame products are produced and distributed worldwide
(excluding the UK) by Mark Bric Display AB

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Due to our policy of continued development we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.
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