ISOframe Wave is built on a concept with ”Starter” and “Extension” modules in two different standard heights. Each ISOframe wall should include one “Starter” only and the desired number of “Extensions”. A “Starter” module has 2 vertical post kits/feet, an “Extension” has 1 vertical post kit/foot – see specification below.

2. Add "Extension modules"

Choose Width


Each additional kit/graphic
is 800 mm /31.5" wide


Item numbers:

Starter Kit Midi (229 cm)    IS-W-82-E

Starter Kit Maxi (249 cm)    IS-W-83-E


Each Extension kit complete with:

1 post kit, 1 feet, 1 Flexi-Wave Link,

1 set Kicker and Hanger

1. Choose "Starter module"

Choose Height


Midi 229 cm / 90.2"

Maxi 249 cm / 98.0"





Item numbers:

Starter Kit Midi (229 cm)   IS-W-82-S

Starter Kit Maxi (249 cm)    IS-W-83-S


"Starter kit" complete with:

2 post kits, 2 feet, 1 Flexi-Wave Link,

2 sets corner trim, 1 set Kicker and Hanger

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