Why choose between a

banner stand and a pop-up system...

…when you can have both!

Flexible and extremely cost effective, the ISOframe Ripple will literally change the shape of your portable display experience. The graphic panels can either be attached to a banner stand or used as a flexible link graphic, creating a clean seamless and contemporary portable display wall that provides a strong visual impact.

Two Ripple banner stands

Add a flexible link panel

A complete 3-section display wall

Ripple – How it works



Quality finish and unique solutions

As part of the ISOframe product family Ripple incorporates our patented tool-free FASTclamp connector.


  • Easy “no tools” assembly – ideal for self-build
  • Flex the entire display to almost any shape
  • Enlarge or reduce to suit the event
  • Graphic panels are standardised at 800 mm width
  • Standard height 2100/2270 mm
  • Ideal to use with rollable graphic panels
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact
  • Attach media screens and spotlights
  • Fits into the boot of small cars
  • Case to counter solutions available
  • Extremely cost effective

Shape your display
as desired

The Ripple wall can be flexed into almost any shape you want and gives you maximum flexibility for reducing or enlarging the size of your display to suit your needs.

Carry bags and Case to counter conversions

Each banner stand section is delivered in a protective folding bag with pockets for the components. We also have a great selection of transport bags and cases which can serve perfectly as counter units as well.
Just add a wooden table top and wrap-around graphics

Shock-proof carry bag

with cardboard inner tubing

Insert case into
wooden base

Apply the counter top

Wrap around the graphic

Protective folding bag with pockets for the components

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Due to our policy of continued development we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.
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